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How We Got Started

Right.Graphics began as a father and son collection of intriguing bumper stickers. Like little mini-billboards, the stickers pasted on the back of cars advertised some belief or idea (fact or fiction) of particular significance to the car's owner, but generally not of earth shattering importance to anyone else. "My child is an honor student at Wilson Elementary" likely generates yawns from most drivers.


But then there are the more clever slogans that catch your eyes, like "My zombie child ate your honor student's brain" that is good for a quick chuckle. A bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, but still forgettable by the time you reach the next red light. We found that social and political commentaries are more interesting as they generate some passion. For us, spotting a conservative message on a bumper sticker brings a smile and some sanity to this world, whereas liberal propaganda on a bumper sticker makes our blood boil (for any liberal that is reading: this is not due to "global warming").  :-)


Since we have no interest in spreading liberal lies, we started collecting conservative slogans and generating our own new conservative bumper sticker slogans and designs. That's when we decided we should have a website to share our smiles with conservatives everywhere.


All of our images are free to download or share via Facebook, Twitter, or most other social media known to man. If you absolutely gotta have a shiny new Right.Graphics sticker of your own, we build them to last and we sell them pretty darn cheap.


Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the website.


P.S. Our republic is missing and we need it back! Don't neglect to vote.